Many members of the Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA) are involved in astronomy Education and Public Outreach at all levels of society, ranging from school visits to university education, media contacts and activities for the general public. The Education and Public Outreach Chapter (EPOC) is a Chapter of the ASA providing a forum to discuss and promote these activities, whilst also initiating some of its own.

The Mission of EPOC is:

To advance the level of public awareness of the excitement of astronomy and of the international importance of Australian astronomy, while promoting the teaching of astronomy to students and the public.

The ASA is a signatory to the Washington Charter for Communicating Astronomy to the Public, which acknowledges the responsibility of astronomers to effectively communicate astronomy to the public for the benefit of all.

For full information on the Goals and Activities of the new EPOC, please explore the links above.


Membership of EPOC is open to all members of the ASA. While emphasizing the activities of professional astronomers and postgraduate students, the ASA also has the grade of Associate Member designed for Educators or distinguished amateur astronomers who have a demonstrated dedication to the advancement of astronomy or astronomy education.

The Chapter currently has over 200 members. To join EPOC, please send an e-mail to asaepoc @ gmail.com.


To contact the EPOC Steering Committee, including requests to join the Education and Public Outreach Chapter, please send an e-mail to the Chair, Jackie Bondell at jbondell@swin.edu.au or asaepoc @ gmail.com