The overall goals of EPOC are to harness the positive impact of Australian astronomy by maximising the effectiveness of educational and public outreach (EPO) activities undertaken by members and support the strategic plan of the ASA.

  1. EPOC aims to provide a conduit among the professional astronomy community, academic institutions, and community astronomy organisations, so that they can remain abreast of the latest Australian astronomical research and activities.
  2. EPOC aims to provide a professional focal point for ensuring that the Education and Public Outreach activities undertaken by its members continue to retain their high standard and value while maintaining knowledge of EPO capability and staffing across members
  3. EPOC facilitates collaboration with other national and international EPO associations.
  4. EPOC provides to members best practice advice on engaging a variety of audiences to raise awareness of Australian astronomy.
  5. EPOC functions as a community of practice, allowing members with a common interest to communicate Education and Public Outreach activities. As such, it aims to secure funding for workshops and to host astronomy EPO conferences.
  6. EPOC will proactively provide advice to the ASA Council on education and public outreach related matters and support the ASA development goals.
  7. EPOC emphasizes providing assistance to its members with identifying relevant outreach and education resources.
  8. EPOC strongly encourages ASA student involvement and interest with its activities, as today’s astronomy student is already commencing on their career as tomorrow’s astronomy Education and Public Outreach professional.