1. Being a cooperative organisation, EPOC has no authority over its members, who are subject to the authority and regulations of their own institutions.
  2. As members of the ASA, EPOC members are bound by the ASA Code of Conduct
  3. It is expected that members who are asked to perform specific duties on behalf of EPOC will perform those duties diligently.
  4. It is expected that members will support the goals of EPOC in a professional manner.

Charter Additions or Amendments:

Additions or amendments to this Charter require:

  1. Presentation of the proposed changes to the ASA Council, with approval by the Council required prior to such changes being put to EPOC members for voting.
  2. Agreement by a two-thirds majority of the membership who vote on any proposed change.
  3. A minimum of one-third of the total EPOC membership must participate in the voting for the vote to be considered valid.

Revision History

Version 0.0 17 Feb-3 May 2011

Initial draft of proposed EPOC Charter developed by Christopher Fluke (Swinburne) and Robert Hollow (CSIRO).  Additional comments from Stephen Hughes (QUT).

Charter was modelled on the ANITA Charter.

Descriptions of additional duties currently conducted by the Chair were based on detailed provided by Stephen Hughes (QUT).

Version 1.0 18 May 2011

Released to EPOC members for approval

Version 1.1 25 May 2011

Modifications suggested by Nick Lomb, John O’Byrne (USyd), Bruce McAdam (USyd).  Approved by a majority of EPO Committee members.

Version 2.0 (current) 13 July 2011

Approved by ASA Executive. Released to ASA Membership.